UK Options

Minimal deposit: 
$ 250
Καθόλου ψήφοι ακόμη

UK Options is a leading Binary Options broker offering an advanced and secure trading platform and managed by a team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in financial markets.

The company is registered in the UK and operated by Worldwide Tech Limited, a subsidiary of Smartech Limited, and located at 2 Woodberry Grove, 1st Floor, London.

UK Options’ platform enables customers to trade and profit from both positive and negative fluctuations in the financial markets. Investing is simple and requires no previous financial or trading experience. The platform is suitable for professional and beginning traders.

UK Options facilitates trading on hundreds of underlying assets traded on the premier stock exchanges, including stocks, commodities, indices and currencies – all with a vast range of expiry points.

At UK Options, we are committed to excellence through providing the best platform security, trading features, educational tools and professional broker assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why UK Options?

  • Simple & easy-to-use platform
  • Leader in security standards
  • 24/7 personal broker
  • Web based – no download necessary
  • Diverse range of products
  • Fast deposits & withdrawals

UK Options’ vision is to provide traders with the safest, most convenient and all-around best trading experience. Our pricing and
execution models ensure the use of the most up-to-date and advanced technologies, and our partnership with Reuters results in
live and accurate data streams. Expiry graphs are provided at any given moment to ensure trader confidence and full disclosure.
Clients funds are held in a segregated account and used only for trading Binary Options through the UK Options trading
platform upon clients instruction. Client funds are never used for any other purpose.

UK Options liabilities and exposures are professionally handled and guarantee payouts as detailed per trade opportunity and in
our Terms and Conditions.

UK Options and partners consist of professional forex brokers, experts in derivatives, and risk management and payment processors.

Join the UK Options family and trade like a professional today!

UK Options – Providing Endless Possibilities & 24/7 Broker Assistance!